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Vijyashree Educational Institute

Vijyashree Educational Institute are constituents of the social Educational and cultural association, is established to promote quality Education, research programme and teacher training programme with a global perspective to meet the challenge of the fast Changing trends in the field of instructional technology.

The Inspiring Soul : “To provide an open opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as world class professionals with broad based foundation, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy.”

Cause of Education : As a social thinker, I realized that there is an acute need of Quality Teacher Training, Technical & Professional Education is available, it will ultimately lead to overall upliftment of the mass as well as development of the area. Accordingly Shree Brahmanand Saraswati Shiksha Samiti was founded through our efforts, The candle for higher education was lighted in Bhopal, The state capital of Madhya Pradesh and the first institution in this series was Vijyashree Educational Institute with faculties of education, Engineering, Pharmacy and Management.

Our Research Publication
Vijyashree Journal of Educational Research , an Journal of Academicians.

Our Vision : Vijyashree Educational Institute aims to develop a new cadre of teachers interested in teaching & other site of education through Negroes Campus based full time programmes. Each students has unusual opportunities to obtain and synthesize essential knowledge, principles and concepts from several disciplines and To test ability to utilize them in dealing with issues and problems. Consequently, an attempt is made to faster the development of each Student’s special abilities encourage them in exploring new approaches to teaching learning situation.

Objectives :To develop the profession of teaching and others on sound ethical lines through vigorous standards, certification and continuing education. To develop nurture and maintain close inter institutional relationship with other institution to apply techniques for developments of creativity in – a classroom situation. To describe various theories of learning and apply them in promoting school learning.

Our Mission : Educational leadership The Vijyashree Educational Institute mission is to prepare and support leaders in public and private educational Institutions at all levels and in the Educational units of other organizations. The academic programs of vijyashree educational institute one guided by the conceptual framework and one organized around three specific academic Components: Foundational knowledge, professional knowledge and experiential learning. – Foundational knowledge includes the basic tenets and principles upon which a field of study is a based. The foundation courses are seen as developmental Courses. – Professional knowledge is the technical knowledge, specialized skills and ethical standards used to function the professional workplace. – Experiential learning implies the concept that elements of a practical approach in a real world situation. It is based on the belief that insights And course fieldwork will enhance academic studies.

Governing Body
Governing Body of Vijyashree Educational Institute
Member Name Designation
Krishna Kumar Choubey Chairman
Rajesh Sthapak Vice Chairman
Rajneesh Kumar Secretary
Snehlata Mandala Treasurer
Ashok Kumar Mishra Member
Rakesh Kumar Member
Manish Kumar Member
Oshi Sthapak Member
Vimla Choubey Member

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